WenZhou COCH Energy CO,.LTD is a high-tech company, specialising in research, development and manufacture of Hydrogen Generator. Company mainly focuses on applications and R&D of hydrogen energy and has many technical innovations and patents by involving into CHO/CHG series hydrogen generator. Company will forward new innovations and make euipments be the new field of energy in the revolutionary making product.

Company has management and scientific quality assurance system, and promote its development of new energy industry.

CHO/CHG series hydrogen equipment can apply into carbide, metal welding, metal cutting, car engine carbon cleaning system, fuel cells,metal deoxidisation, medical waste treatment, acrylic surface polishing and glass cutting, etc. Also our company provides professional customized service for special industry customers, and provide after sale service and technical support to customers.

CHO/CHG series of hydrogen equipment introduction:CHO/CHG series of hydrogen equipment is a new energy saving and environmental equipment. This series use water electrolysis to produce separating hydrogen and oxygen. CHO series only have 99.8% purity of hydrgen without any treatment processes. CHG series of hydrogen can be purified through frozen water removaland adsorption drying process. The purity reached 99.999%, up to -70 DEG C dew point;. The CHO/CHG device has been widely used in various industries.